Thanks for visiting my site. I am Michael Thomas, an award winning professional photographer who has shot for some great clients and people. However, with a background in sports and news photography, I know the saying: "Nice photo yesterday... BUT, what are you going to shoot for me today?!"

Yesterday's photos show I have the ability. But, what is really important to you (and me) is I LOVE to make great pictures everyday. I work as hard as I can to get the best, most colorful, striking, impactful, tender, heart stopping photos of what you love and care most about, whether it is for my best client or my kids' school. Period. 

I have shot for top news agencies, magazines, professional and college sporting organizations, including the Associated Press and the Dallas Cowboys. I've had photos appear in Sports Illustrated, USAToday, New York Times, Washington Post, Chicago Tribune, Los Angeles Times, Dallas Morning News, The Sporting News, Golf Styles Magazine and numerous other premier publications and too many sites on the internet to even keep track of. My kids use to ask me, "what's your best photo?" I told them, "my next photo."

I travel the world to document the culture, lifestyles and relationships of incredible people; whether on the athletic field, subways, cathedrals, rice paddies or anywhere else interesting people, great light and color take me. The camera has allowed me to go places, see things, meet people, and experience things I would never had had a chance to do.

For my friend, Chumnan in Bangkok, his life is impacted by the idea of "it's for the Buddha." For me, it is "for the light" and the people I get to meet along the journey searching for the light.
Thanks. (Now go take a look inside).




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